Mark Calaway

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Mark Calaway

Post by Kitsune on Tue Jan 30, 2018 3:43 pm

Your name: Lizjay

Character name: Mark Calaway
Character face: Mark Calaway

Species: Vampire, Venture

Allegiance: Motorcity Pack

Job: Number two to Alex and bodyguard, formerly a drifter

Weakness(es)- Sunlight, wooden stakes and the inability to drink out side of his chosen type.

Short bio: Mark has lived a long time, longer then he'd ever admit to anyone. For a short while Mark thought about meeting the dawn and even attempted it. That when he met Alex Shelley, the young Kitsune that saved his life and gave him a new purpose. Mark now serves as both Alex's second in command and bodyguard, any that wish to hurt the pack has to deal with him first.

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