Leslie Vaughn

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Leslie Vaughn

Post by Admin on Sat Jan 13, 2018 7:14 pm

Your name: Sam/Aussie

Character name: Leslie Vaughn
Character face: Ewan McGregor

Species: Human (Angel)

Allegiance: n/a

Job: Priest in training

Weakness(es)- dark magic, demon magic

Short bio: Leslie was originally a human, who had accidentally found the supernatural world after trying to help an injured man who turned out to be a demon. Although he managed to help the man, Leslie was killed. He woke up in hospital some time after, unaware he hadn't originally survived. He does remember how he ended up hurt though and vowed to keep away from that secret world. Trying to avoid it, he went into training to become a Priest.

He is aware of his ability to heal and sense evil, but does not know it's because he's now an angel.
Once he 'awakens' and realises he's an angel, Leslie will be able to appear and disappear feathered wings and create temporary barriers of light.


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