Marco Ellis

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Marco Ellis

Post by Admin on Sat Jan 13, 2018 6:45 pm

Your name: Sam/Aussie

Character name: Marco Ellis
Character face: Oded Fehr

Species: Djinn (fire demon)

Allegiance: Balor clan

Job: Rin's guard

Weakness(es)- Intense cold/being submerged in water

Short bio: Marco is usually seen in one of two moods: charming, or hot-headed. As a Djinn, he can create and manipulate fire and refuses to go swimming. He both fears and adores Rin, fully aware that if she strikes with her powers first, she could destroy him. He has however simply been left frozen a few times when Rin has been annoyed, which she finds amusing. Despite this, he is devoted to the task Balor has given him and regards it as an honour. He does at times though, tend to get a bit paranoid about the intentions of those who visit Rin.


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