Finn Balor

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Finn Balor

Post by Admin on Sat Jan 13, 2018 4:51 pm

Your name: Sam/Aussie

Character name: Finn Balor
Character face: 'Finn Balor'

Species: Ancient Celtic Demon

Allegiance: Balor clan

Job: Clan leader

Weakness(es)- In his demon form, attacking his eye. As a human (or demon), intense light (especially that of a Holy being, like an angel)

Short bio: Although he comes across as a simple human who loves jokes and building things, Finn is actually harbouring the demon known as Balor. Unlike others in his clan, he wasn't always a demon, instead having come across Balor by accident while exploring the wilderness of Ireland. The two made a deal, Finn giving the demon a 'home' in exchange for not killing him then and there. The demon first shows through like another, more violent personality, but will emerge as its own form if pushed far enough. This almost never ends well for those on the receiving end.
Balor's demon form is taller than humans, standing at around 7ft. He is able to paralyse with his gaze. As both Finn and Balor, he is able to use dark energy to create shadows and attack with blasts of energy.


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