Dante Westmore

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Dante Westmore

Post by Kitsune on Tue Feb 20, 2018 2:48 pm

Your name: Lizjay

Character name: Dante Westmore
Character face: Drew Fuller

Species: Toreador Dhampir (The child of a vampire and human, as a dhampir he has no fear of the sun and lives in both the night and day. He is faster, stronger, has a little of a vampire's mental powers, is starting to age slower and can heal himself. He can survive mainly on human food, but he does have to take blood at least once a week.)

Allegiance: No official allegiance yet though Alex considers him pack

Job: Artist

Weakness(es)- His weakness is the weakness of all Toreador's, he can't do anything until he finishes his artistic visions and can be overcomed with the beauty in the world around him.

Short bio: The youngest child of a vampire and a human, Dante was raised mostly in the human world. His father has been there for him, but his mother wanted him and his brothers to have a normal life before deciding how deep they wanted to delve into the other world. Now at twenty Dante is learning more about the other side, recently he has become friends with the Motorcity Pack. He also has a protective charm he wears that helps hide what he is.

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