Jay White

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Jay White

Post by Kitsune on Tue Jan 30, 2018 4:50 pm

Your name: Lizjay

Character name: Jay White
Character face: Jay White

Species: Kitsune, Chikyu (Earth, They can move rocks, transmute minerals and physical objects, and build things)

Allegiance: Motorcity Pack

Job: Acts as a second guard for Alex when Mark can't, does odd jobs around the compound.

Weakness(es)- Water magic is effected against dirt transmutation and some minerals, also he can't really swim.

Short bio: Raised in a sheltered kitsune pack in New Zealand, Jay left his family to explore the world. He was not ready for the differences and soon he found himself in a spot of trouble. That's when Alex offered him help and a place in his pack, the two are now close friends.

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