Alex Shelley

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Alex Shelley

Post by Kitsune on Tue Jan 30, 2018 3:08 pm

Your name: Lizjay

Character name: Alex Shelley
Character face: Alex Shelley

Species: Kitsune, Ongaku (Music. This is the control of sound and music. With this, kitsune can sing or speak effects that are very similar to spells. This can control others through entrancement, ward off creatures of a supernatural nature, control the moral of others and use minor elemental magics)

Allegiance: Motorcity Pack

Job: Head of his Pack

Weakness(es)- Losing his voice leaves him powerless, total silence bothers him.

Short bio: The sole survivor of the attack on his family's pack by demons, Alex spent most of his childhood alone in the woods. Until he saved the Vampire Calaway from the sun, the vampire became Alex's family and protector. Realizing there were other's out there without anyone, Alex took up the name of his families pack and started looking for other's like him. Kitsune's or others that had been left alone in the harsh world.

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